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Spacium Store is a dynamic Grocery store that is successfully providing valuable services to both the vendors and the consumers. We have two separate applications designed for facilitating them. Moreover, our store is a platform promising an interactive user experience for all our clients. You can trust us for top-notch quality. At Spacium Store, we are committed to making grocery shopping easy for both the seller and the purchaser. Therefore, our mobile applications are designed to provide a friendly and interactive user-interface. 

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Do you want to expand your grocery business? Our merchant app is the right choice, as it is an amazing platform to help you grow your venture.

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We are popular all over the country because of our high quality products. Our consumers trust in us and our articles. Shop with us and enjoy the best online grocery shopping experience!

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We are providing easy-to-use mobile store merchant and consumer apps. You can manage all the orders within the app and also keep records of sale information. Here are some fantastic features that you can utilize to revolutionize your digital grocery shopping experience:

  • listLogin Protected Web Control Panel
  • listCustomer and Guest User Management
  • listProduct Price Management
  • listProduct availability management
  • listOrder Management
  • listReport Management

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Delivery at home

At the Spacium Store, we offer free delivery services to your home. Shop with us from the comfort of your home and get a high-quality packaging at your doorstep!

Spacium Card
Spacium Card

We value our loyal clients - you can use Spacium Card/ Wallet for getting additional rewards and bonuses on each purchase.

Spacium Money
Spacium Money

We keep on adding Spacium Store credit and cashback offers to your Spacium card on each purchase. You can utilize it anytime and for any product.

Huge Offers
Huge Offers

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Our grocery store app is your one-stop-solution for all kinds of purchases as you can browse through our app for viewing your favorite products. It is quite a simple process – add your desired products to the cart, select the quantity, fill the delivery information form, finalize the payment method (Spacium wallet, UPI, or cash on delivery), and your order is confirmed!

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We cater to both the end of the supply chain. The consumers can easily order their groceries via our mobile application.

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Furthermore, it is readily available for download on Google and Apple stores featuring guest and user login, chat support, product view, site selection, etc. In contrast, the merchants can use our web panel application as a solution to manage their sales, orders, and reports.